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Welcome to NIji 

Known by many as the planet of the colors

Niji is a wonderful Planet, home to a vast amount of humans and a dream-like ecosystem. It is located 45,000 Lights Years from Earth and is not easily accessible since it is known for its surrounding asteroid formations, thus it remains greatly isolated from the rest of the galactic alliance. Apart from this, many Scientists compare Helicon to Earth since both planets Have the same gravity of 9.807 m/s². Not only that, but niji's days consist of 24 hours and its year of 365 days, much like that of Earth. However, the major difference, apart from its history, Politics, and Territory which you can see in any of the above tabs, is the Planet's size. Niji's radius is 2,023 km, only a tad larger than the moon and 4,348 km less than Earth’s radius. This is also reflected in its population of 4 billion people, a majority of the population human among with a few other alien species from exploration mission. 

Besides all the previously mentioned above Niji stores two universe wide recognized natural attractions and the mysterious Aura system. First of all, the main natural attraction is Kibo a mountain almost identical to Mount Fuji on Earth. However, it has a much higher elevation and on the peak rests the royal palace, home to the Colorkeeper, the royal family, and the Color Guard. The second natural attraction is a waterfall called Geihts, which’s location is unknown and is speculated to hide the lost royal crown. Lastly, there is the Aura class system, a system which separates all citizens of Niji into a respective color. These colors are based on their Aura which agents trained by the Colorkeeper can read. However, like the majority of things in niji, the most aspects of the system remain secret to the outside world and shall remain so since almost everyone on the planet is sworn to secrecy and loyalty to the royal crown, including myself. 

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