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Ecosystems and biomes

As mentioned earlier has a very similar environment to Earth, but what’s truly interesting is the way things are located on the planet. The most interesting thing of all being the fact that the planet’s land area is divided into two continents: the one in the North called Hita and the one in the South called Hidari. The two of them are composed of various ecosystems in the same layout, which is extremely rare, but the majority of things in this planet are. The layout consists of the following:

The Coast (Marine biome):
The coast is the place where the majority of Niji citizens live. It is mostly composed of beaches and the waters are known for having a great biodiversity of organisms. The climate is mostly Marine West Coast and the citizens her are mostly Elubs (people with blue Auras) since they can fish easily and tend to like living near water.


The Desert:
The desert part of the continent’s is considered a usually inhabited area. It is mostly like a massive Sahara desert, but with a catch. Unlike whats usually thought about the sandy wasteland, Welloys and Dres (Citizens of Niji with Yellow and Red Auras) discovered mysterious underground aqueducts a few years ago. However, not many people moved into this new area since not only is it isolated from everything, but there was still a fear the water from the ancient aqueducts would evaporate with the heat.  The climate here is Arid.


The Forests and Grasslands:

First of all the Grassland and Deciduous Forest areas, like the coast, are highly populated mostly by the Kipn, the Rongae,  and the Reeg (Citizens with Pink, Orange, and Green Auras). The Grasslands are very agricultural places most of the time, except for the Savannahs. The deciduous forest is also considered as such, but then the similarity ends when we reach the rain forests.This two tropical rain forests are considered one of the most dangerous parts of Niji not only because of their vastly uncharted territory and animals, but for the fact that it drains the Aural energy, including power, of the citizens that live in it. This is due to a rare mineral hidden in the rivers, which the MuDa will later use in the Color War, that is known for subduing the spirit of the one in its proximity. Apart from that, it still has a high precipitation and is the only way to access the mountains and capital of Niji. 


Tundra and Taiga:

The Taiga is the mountainous zone where the Kubi Mountain and royal castle are located. It is known for its cool, cold climate and mainly the Wonbr and the Leviot live in this area (Citizens with Brown and Purple Auras). It is also where the capital is located and in near the Tundra area there are various mines where the few Zebron (Bronze Aura) citizens are mostly settled. Then there is the Tundra which, like the other extreme zones, is mostly abandoned except for some Leviots. It is especially cold and a vast majority was unexplored until after Meca Lindale took power and began various scientific expeditions to explore the territory. 


Plants and Animals

The plants and animals on Niji are very similar to those on Earth but there are some exceptions…

The Rainbow Phoenix (Akira):
This is one of the two animal protectors of Niji. It is a magnificent bird with rainbow plumage said to have been found by the same Handa medic that founded the planet. It is approximately two feet tall and is rumored to live in the raInforest in hiding. However, as mystical as it may seem, its existence has been proven, specifically by Colorkeeper Isabella, who temporarily ruled before Queen Meca came into power. She said it appeared to her on the night of the fire before Meca’s failed Colorkeeper initiation and that the majestic animal allowed her to take one of its feathers of each color of the rainbow, which are now stored in the Royal Safe. Said feathers were checked for authenticity and they came to be true, undid feathers, which began what was called as The Hunt. This was a period consisted of people searching widely for the bird in the belief that somehow finding it would stop the war. However, it was never found by anyone and till this day it remains a mystery to many…but, not to all…

The Dark Dragon (Kore):

A common belief in Niji is that there is always a balance between good and evil, right or wrong, colors and darkness. It has always been present and was especially emphasized in the Color War as the balance tipped when the Muda took over. So, when the discovery of the Akira became public rumors of its opposite spread like wildfire. Its existence is still unknown, but there is a common knowledge that it had a role to play in the war. However, it still remains a mystery wether it exists or not. 



This plant is found in various river banks in the rain forest areas of
. It is known to only grow from the waters of this tropical rainforests and is really common in this zones, but extremely rare anywhere else. The plant itself consist of basic shrubs, but with a twist. Instead of growing normal flowers or berries Niji 
this shrubs grow highly poisonous crystals. These crystals are called Doku and have the power to “take a person's soul” in the sense that any carrier of this crystal or person in its proximity suffers from sickness and utter illness until the point they fall unconscious. In extreme cases, people die from this crystals or become Muda, beings of darkness who have lost their aura and colors due to high levels of sadness, anger, resentment, or despair.  

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