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Economy and Trade

Niji is ruled by a worldwide Monarchy. It was established exactly 30 years after the arrival of the first settlers and has maintained its status over the years. However, Niji’s Monarchy has a special system unlike Earth’s type of Monarchy. As usual, the power is held by the King or Queen, but in Niji it is equally shared between the Queen/King and the Colorkeeper, sort of like a constitutional monarchy. The Colorkeeper is a person born every 50 years who has an Aura with all the colors and has the gift of telling who the next King or Queen will be. They are also in charge of maintaining a balance between colors since they have the power to store a vast amount of dangerous energy, which if released could be used to turn souls into Muda (this was what happened during the Color War do to Colorkeeper Isabella’s tragic death). Apart from them two, there is also a council conformed by the Color Guard, which is basically one elected representative from each color, who not only protect the two leaders but help in the making of decisions. Currently, the Queen of Niji is Meca Lindale, who took power at the age of 19 making her the youngest queen to ever rule. and the first Der to be in power. In addition, the Colorkeeper is her highness’ twin sister Abhaya, also one of the youngest Colorkeepers, after Colorkeeper Isabella who took power prematurely at the age of 16.  Meanwhile the current Color Guard is composed of the following: the Purple Guard called Lucas Merfield (currently married to Colorkeeper Abhaya), the Blue Guard called Ren Torren, the Green Guard called Hannah Sterr (the first woman guard in history), the Red Guard called Matthew Dern, the Yellow Guard called Luis Dias, the Pink Guard called Eren Jagger, the Bronze Guard called Darren Sitler, and the Orange Guard called Barry Benson. 

Niji’s economy is very internal since they basically rely on trade between Hita and Hidari for basic goods and information. However, after Queen Meca came into power trade has expanded to Earth and, with the current planning of creating a long term alliance, there has been a great boost in the economy. One of the main reasons why Earth is so keen on trading with Niji is for the Kessho plants since the so harmful crystals in Niji are extremely useful on Earth. This is because they have discovered that the Crystals are insanely powerful electricity conductors and are now being tested on all sorts of new technology including a new way of powering the whole world without damaging the environment. Meanwhile, since Niji doesn’t rely on technology as much and more on their power, they give this crystals in exchange for information on the now separating Galactic Alliance and for new new ways of transportations. This has to do with another of Queen Meca’s ideas which include finding a way to get ships to safely pass through the asteroid zone and finally be able to freely communicate with the outside universe. 

Queen Meca Lindale

Colorkeeper Abhaya Lindale

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