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The story of Niji ironically considering its later secrecy towards Earth, begins…well…on Earth. At the time of the Infinity War, a group of Japanese thieves from Earth was trying to find a planet where to store their stash of weapons, when they came across Helicon on their radar. At first, they all believed Niji had a desert ecosystem because of two “scientifically proven” reasons. The first one consisted of their ignorant belief that, because there had never been reported life from within the asteroid zone, the planet had an inhabitable environment causing it to be alone and without intergalactic citizens.  Second, they sent a squadron of drones out in secret to scout the planet and, to their dismay, only one survived the asteroid zone, landing in a Welloy desert area now known as the Sabaku desert. However, after checking the holographic footage they decided that that small proof was enough land evidence to back up their decision of traveling to Niji. This was also due to the fact that the government of the time was already suspicious of their behavior and they were running out of time to hide the counterfeit material. So without further investigation, the researchers, along with a wise doctor from Handa, set off on their spaceship filled with weapons to Niji. The spaceship somehow managed to get through the asteroids quite well and they landed a few days later in an Elub sector currently called Mizu and were shocked when they discovered they had arrived at an island surrounded by water. This was terrible for the Japanese dealers since they had planned on installing a special device which made their weapons look like the desert sand, which was now useless in the odd coastal terrain. Meanwhile, the Handa doctor was the opposite of disappointed, instead, he took this as a sign from the above and decided that, since he had lived his entire life on the coast, this was the perfect place to settle for getting away from the raging war in outer space. So, when the researchers left with their weapons in a desperate attempt to find a new hiding spot, the doctor settled there and sent out a message to the people of Earth describing the island. This then started a mass exodus from Earth as people fled the war-stricken planet to the new planet. Despite that, the majority didn’t make it dying in the midsts of the asteroid zone, but many did arrive. Not in the expected coastal territory described by the doctor, though. Once more, all the travelers were surprised to find themselves in different territories, some in mountains, other in the desert, others in plains, etc. However, this time, since the trip back was too risky they settled in and created what was known as Niji’s first settlements. 


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