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Unlike Earth Niji is very far behind in what comes to the majority of technological advances. This is due to the fact that Nijians tend to rely on their powers more than on other man made machines and tend to be very skeptical of this objects since they believe that its better to stay as close to nature as possible instead of trying to forge their way through it in an attempt to be more advanced. However, in one area of technology Niji leads the universe-wide market and it is transportation. Since the first settlers Nijians have been looking for ways to get places faster and easier since there is a very stark change of ecosystems in the two continents, which don’t allow the citizens to get places without a ton of difficulty. So, the Zebron along with the other Colors started working on this managing to use their powers like easy forging and manipulation of elements to create a type of transportation that could easily adapt to the environment and be quick. The then came up with the Iku, which was a time of transportation device that with a couple of commands could change into different styles. For example, it could go from being an aircraft to being a submarine just by sensing the environment it was in. Nonetheless, despite this types of great transportation advances, Nijians are still working on making an indestructible spaceship that can guide itself through the asteroid zone and not have a hug impact on the environment. 

In Niji the official languages are English and Japanese. This two languages are spoken by the majority of Nijians because of two reasons. The first one being that when the Handa doctor made his first recordings about the planet, he had named many things in Japanese names and had written the majority of the research in Japanese. So, to in a sense honour his legacy, the first settlers decided to leave the various Japanese names the doctor had given to the environment and introduce the new generations to Japanese in general. Meanwhile, English was chosen for the obvious reason that in the Galactic Alliance English is the official language and the internationally recognised language on Earth. However, in Niji there is a big difference in the way things are said. Nijians see words as having extreme power that is why the Colors are always spelled scrambled, why people are called by diminutives of their real names, and why it is so common to see words with special calligraphy gifted in holidays instead of objects. In addition, all official royal ceremonies and or governmental events are hosted in Japanese since Japanese is said to hold more value among Niji citizens than English itself. 

Niji is home to a variety of religions. This is due to the fact that the majority of inhabitants come from different parts of Earth so they have different beliefs. Nonetheless, all Nijian’s believe in a sort of religion which many Earthlings compare to Buddhism. However, it is not at all like this and this misconception was once more caused by the lack of information about us distributed to Earth. Apart from this, the belief in Ai, as we have decided to name this way of thinking, is mostly the belief in harmony and balance through Colors. This comes from the Chinese belief of the Yin Yang and was further evolved as the early settlers realized their true potentials and powers through meditation and contact with the environment. Ai is mostly based on this balance and that’s why, even after the win of the Color War against the Muda, Nijians are aware of the Darkness still looming around. In fact, they embrace it since if there wasn’t this Darkness the balance between Colors and Darkness would tip, causing chaos. This is actually was Nijians believed happened in the war since there was the period of anarchy when Colorkeeper Isabella died, which caused citizens in Niji to lose their powers until Queen Meca returned with Colorkeeper Abhaya.

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